A completely different way to manage your nursery

Of course, Nurserina offers all the standard features such as:

  • Registers - Child record, Parent records, Staff records
  • Scheduling - Children, Staff Rotas, Ratio calculation
  • Financials - Automatic invoicing, Payments, Multiple tariffs, Extra charges
  • Reports - Management reports, Daily activity feed, Observations
  • And all the rest you would expect!

Nurserina is the next generation, completely web-based, tablet-optimised system for nurseries who require an extremely high level of management automation that cannot be matched by the numerous software packages on the market.

Nurserina is a different type of system that does not require dedicated, trained staff to operate it. It is an open system that allows everybody involved in the childcare process to participate depending on their specific roles. Nursery staff such as managers, owners, nurses and even cooks, as well as parents or other family members can each have their own login for the system.

Such a level of interactivity significantly increases workflow effectiveness by cutting out cumbersome administrative processes. This leads to huge cost savings for the nursery and significantly increases quality of childcare and parent satisfaction.

Nurserina has been developed using a cutting edge technology platform that allows us to rapidly customise existing features and develop new functionalities.

We can also:

  • help you migrate any existing data you have, either from some software you are using or the Excel files you have.
  • customise any document templates, such as contracts, invoices or other, that you will be able to generate from the system.

All this at very affordable prices!

FOR FREE, for every new customer we will develop:

  • Automated processes for importing your online bank statement.
  • Automated payment reconciliation processes.
  • Automated processes for your voucher company remittance advices.
  • Exporter to your accounting software. All invoices and payments will be imported into your accounting software automatically.

Can you imagine you will never have to do this tedious work manually again?

Save time and costs, just send us samples and give us a few days!

And you think using such a system costs the earth? Absolutely not!

Pricing model

We are convinced that the pricing model must be simple, transparent, and of course, fair. There should not be any hidden costs or hidden licensing fees.

The more children you have, the more cost savings and benefits Nurserina will deliver to you!

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Peter, Nursery Owner

"We have tried numerous software packages on the market before, none of which delivered the level of management we required. I was almost desperate until I discovered Nurserina hit the market!"

Kate, Nursery Nurse

“I couldn’t even imagine how simple using Nurserina is! Almost like a game! No more whiteboards and paper notes, the tablets guide us and reminds us for everything.”

Lewis, Cook

"We have saved three hours per week on food ordering alone."

Sophie, Nursery Manager

"You cannot believe how happy it makes me that I no longer have to manually reconcile voucher payments."

Would you like to find out more?

Let's sum up:

  • Do you want an integrated Nursery Management system?
  • Would improving profitability help you provide a better service?
  • Do you want to focus on childcare rather than administration?
  • Would you like to engage with parents online?
  • Do you want to maximise capacity?

Nurserina is the most comprehensive online nursery management system

that allows you to run your nursery in a professional, efficient and compliant way.

With features such as staff and child scheduling, online payments, child development observation, childcare voucher reconciliantions, automated food ordering and a real-time on-line parent portal, Nurserina can significantly reduce the administrative burden on your staff and allow more time and energy to be spent on childare.

Improved Cash-flow

Enable parents to pay their invoices through their smart phone, tablet or PC. Or use our integrated payments solution to set up Direct Debits and ensure the full amount of the invoices is automatically collected every time!

Increase parent engagement and choice

Connect with your parents online through the parent portal. Automatically email them child activity reports and instantly notify all your parents of any available places. Enable them to request additional days and change their child schedule on-line.

Reduction in administration

System generated invoice creation; automated payments and invoice reconciliations; voucher payments reconciliations; integrated food ordering based on individual dietary requirements and activity reports allow staff to focus on the children and their parents rather than burdensome administrative tasks.

Compliance with Swiss regulations

Once you have uploaded child information and staff schedules our system will enable you to track compliance with child ratios over future weeks.

Maximise profitability

Make it easy for your parents to request additional days - our system shows parents which days you have spare places for. They can then request additional days at the click of a button. If accepted, the invoice will automatically be updated with the relevant charge.